2016 Season Opener

2016 Season Opener

I started my 2016 season in the same place I did in 2013, European cup – Portugal, this time coming back as a full time athlete. I've certainly learnt a lot in the three years that have passed. 

It was a tough race, with tough athletes. The swim was difficult. I got a good start but I struggled to sight most of the buoys because it was so choppy. After the first lap I wasn’t sure If I’d gone out too fast as I was knackered! Thankfully I hadn’t popped, and lead the swim into T1. Clearly I haven’t worn my wetsuit in a while as I struggled to get it off. After a slow T2 myself, Lucy, Oliveira and Kingma formed a small group. Half way through the first lap myself and Lucy were now on our own, pushing on hard to gain a good gap from the main group. It was a fun bike course, with one short sharp hill and 3 dead turns per lap. 

Coming into T2 I think we’d managed to get around 4 minutes on the chasing pack. The run was quite enjoyable for once, I managed to get into a nice tempo. Luce and I managed to hold off on the chasing pack and took the 1,2. Which was amazing, its great to be able to work with Lucy and create a different dynamic to the race. 

It’s a big step forward for me, having had such a turbulent season last year with illness its nice to be able to get race fit. I was so pleased for luce too as she has only recently returned after an injury that kept her out for most of 2015.  

I’d like to thank everyone that’s helped me get here, especially TalyorMade Timber, Jackpot Racing and my Coach Ray Butters.


ETU Race Report 

Posted on Wednesday 6th April 2016

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