ETU Las Palmas

ETU Las Palmas

I was delighted with my race in Las Palmas on Sunday. I've had a decent block of training this winter, which was welcomed after a few years of patchy training due to illness and injury. It’s refreshing to have new races appearing on the circuit, especially when they're like Las Palmas and have challenging bike routes and not just because they benefit my style of racing but it makes for an exciting race. I was happy to win on Sunday, but my main aim was to try and post a fast run time. As it's difficult to know where your fitness is so early in the season. So having the fastest run split was icing on the cake.

1st Standard: 1500/40k/10k

Swim Bike Run
00:18:14 01:07:14 00:34:47

Posted on Wednesday 29th March 2017