ETU Turkey Antalya

ETU Turkey Antalya

On Thursday I flew out to Turkey to complete my second Triathlon of the season. Portugal was definitely a learning curve; it was my first race abroad and first race of the year. On reflextioni had a lot to improve on for Turkey.

Jon my partner who is my rock when competing couldn’t come due to work commitments; it was a new challenge for me not having him there for support and especially to help with putting my bike together! I had lots of notes and tutorials before flying out, thankfully it all went smoothly and my bike stayed in one piece. (He’s a good teacher)

The race wasn’t until Sunday, due to the time difference and the length of the flight it was nice to get there a few days before to relax and perpare with no rushing.

Race day, it was earlier start than Portugal which I prefered. The weather was fairly hot, the sea was warm, non wetsuit swim. There was a delay before the women’s start, as they were having some issues with the buoys, they were a bit disorganised. Just before the start they decided to move our starting matt further up the beach, which would usually be fine but the beach wasn’t lovely sand it was pebbles we all had to hobble over to the starting matt.

I’ve heard people talk about how brutal the swim can be, but I’d never experienced it, until now. There was pushing, dunking, kicking, grabbing feet and this was all in the first 250meters, I imagine this is just a normal swim for some people, I don’t know how they do it. Once the initial hundred meters was out of the way it was much better. One thing I’ve learnt is to kick my legs, usually I don’t kick that much, but if you don’t kick they have it easy and just pull on your legs!

We had a mini breakaway on the bike; I think there were about 6 of us. Around 30 seconds was the gap, but we weren’t very organised. The Russian girls were strong cyclists, but it only helps if you work together which we didn’t so after 2 laps we sat up and got caught by a chasing pack of around 20 or more.  I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice and kill myself on the bike.  I decided to sit on a bit and not do too much work as most of the girls in the group will be good runners, I needed to give myself a good chance of running off the bike. The second pack were around 3.30mins behind.

Due to setting off way too fast in Portugal, I decided to run my own race. It worked,no stomach cramps, no erratic breathing, and no dizziness. It was great I’ve never enjoyed the run section as usually it’s very painful. Lap 3 of 4 my calf went,again, I thought game over! I think the Belgium girl wondered what the hell was going on, shouting and swearing, I couldn’t believe it. My calf was touch and go as I’d injured it in Portugal. I managed to finish and hobble over the line. My hobbling can’t be as bad as I thought as I’d run 3mins quicker than Portugal!

Happy with 17th, great experience and again much more to improve on.

Next up France :)



Posted on Thursday 22nd May 2014

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