F & I Foundation

F & I Foundation

Winter training is over and it has just flown by. It’s been the most successful winter I’ve had. The race season is here and with no major setbacks or injuries i can't wait to race.

Things have improved dramatically since last season. I am starting this season in a tremendous position; I have a new bike sponsor Planet X, new wetsuit sponsor Zone 3, nutrition sponsor affordable supplements and I have the financial support of the F & I foundation.

Andy Shuter of Frontline Solutions and Andy Hobson of Fantastic media have set up a foundation, the F & I foundation. Both Andy’s are very passionate about sport and helping individuals and teams overcome barriers that are hindering their chances of reaching their potential.

I am very proud and thankful to be F & I Foundations first athlete. Danny Langdon is the newest recruit, who at only 16 is excelling in the world of indoor bowls.

The foundation was launched on 13th March in Wakefield it was a fantastic evening, I was overwhelmed by the support and generosity towards the foundation.

Planet X has kindly given me a N2A to ride it’s so stiff and responsive, a massive improvement from the bike I raced on last year. I will also be wearing a Zone 3 wetsuit; again this will make a huge difference on my swim. Last year I had an entry level suit. I felt very restricted and spent around 20 minutes trying to get it on and once it was on, it was baggy! When I exited the swim I used to bring half of the lake with me. The difference is again, unbelievable.

I have just returned from a training camp in Mallorca. It’s a cycling paradise, I’m sure Mallorca was made for cycling! The week mainly revolved around cycling, cycling and more cycling. We stayed in Port De Soller which is beautiful; if you stay there you need to enjoy climbing, as there is no other way out of Soller, unless you climb! I loved climbing- Hated descending, I took a tumble on Blue Thunder (N2A) on a descent and I came off worse.  We had some great company too, which made the training camp! 

Posted on Wednesday 14th May 2014

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