French Grand Prix

On Friday I travelled to France to take part in my first French Grand Prix, racing for Versailles. It was a great experience, I love my team they are all so nice and welcoming. Unfortunately I don’t speak French so they all very kindly spoke English to help me; it’s now my aim to learn French!  

We travelled from Versailles to Les Sables which is on the west coast of France. The weather was great, lovely and warm. I’m starting to get used to racing in warmer climates! Hopefully the British Super Series will live up to what I’ve become accustomed to!

Sunday was race day; I quite liked the aspect of racing as a team, which is obviously different from normal triathlons as it’s mainly an individual sport.  We all went for a small warm up, racked our bikes and tested the water before lining up in our pens, which were similar to a cross country race. The sea was calm and my swim felt sluggish but still managed to coming out first. The run from the sea to the transition felt like a cross country run, I lost quite a bit of time after the swim running to transition. I was in a group of 5 on the bike. The majority of the time it worked ok, but I do get a little frustrated when people don’t pull their weight, but as it happened we had a good lead and we weren’t in any threat of been caught.

Straight onto the 5k run! I’ve had an ongoing calf injury so id decided to hold back on the run initially to see how it was, unfortunately I’m still having issues with it, I still managed to finish but not having run 100%.

I finished 3rd overall I was happy with my performance and as a team we finished 9th which was a good result and I’m sure we will improve in the coming races. 


Jess :)

Posted on Thursday 22nd May 2014

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