Update 2016!

Update 2016!

I’m having a bit of down time over Christmas after a slight cold, so I thought I’d write a quick blog! Its been a long long time since I updated you all, time just seems to fly by. I’ve been full time for just over a year now and I seriously have no idea how I used to train and work at the same time.

I’m not going to write paragraph after paragraph about how each race went and what’s been happening this year.  Instead I’ll sum up my season in two words……. Glandular fever.

After a rocky race season, feeling like a pin cushion and the BTF docs pulling their hair out.  I’m now getting stuck into my winter training and things have been going well with a good 6 week block of training without illness (until now!). It doesn’t sound impressive, but last year I only managed a whopping 3 weeks training before breaking down with chest issues. I have literally spent 2015 battling fatigue and illness. With it being my first year full time I thought all triathletes constantly felt exhausted. Its only now I realise this wasn’t the norm.

One of my highlights from this season was going to my first camp in St Mortiz with a great bunch of girls. We all had a great block of training at altitude, Non and Vicky went on to get selection for the Olympic games, Lucy had a cracker in Geneva getting a top 5, and I was happy with 11th. My season low was travelling to Stockholm to race my 3rd WTS race of the season, to get ill again a few days before the race and having to pull out and watch one of the best races (I think) on the circuit.

This year my training will be slightly different from last, the main difference being reduced quantity. I have to be very careful when training hard, as glandular fever is underlying and it can return if I’m not careful. At the end of last season, I sat down with my coach Ray and looked at what we could improve on for 2016. There was plenty we could have changed but we’re mainly going to look at my diet, rest, quantity and intensity of my training. Triathlon is still a big learning curve for me, and I’m hoping this coming season I can address the issues I had in 2015 and have a more successful year.



My 2015 Season in Pics

This time last year, I broke both my elbows!




ETU Geneva 2015



Luce and I were delayed for 8 hours in Heathrow. What a great day.



Spent 3 weeks in the beautiful St Moritz





Illness!!  (Don’t ask!)

Posted on Sunday 3rd January 2016

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