Winter Training

Winter Training

Winter training has flown by this year, I'm currently in Aguilas on a training camp less than a month away from the first race of the year. 

Thankfully I'm not in bad shape, just trying to stay injury free. It's a fine line when in a competitive mesocycle. 

My winter training was quite eventful it's no fun if everything goes plain sailing. In November while in York doing some bike skills I had a little tumble on the bike(ironic) practially fall off at 0mph. 

At first I thought I was ok, until I got back on my bike and attempted to get on the drops and I couldn't weight bare at all. I thought I'd best head home so I chucked my bike in the back of the car. I spent at least 15mins trying to get my overshoes off before driving home. While driving I figured a trip to A & E was on the cards as my arms were now limited to 90 degrees.

Few hours in A & E- results: Two broken elbows. Ops!

Thankfully they don't pot elbow fractures.I had a few weeks in the sling, none handed turbo sessions, kick swim sessions and before I knew it I was back in action. The hardest parts were having 6 weeks off the bike and been unable to look after myself for the first two weeks. 

I'm only a few weeks away from heading out to New Zealand for my first World Series race. It will be a big step for me, but I'm looking forward to it. 

Posted on Thursday 16th April 2015

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