Fantastic Media

I'd like to thank Team Fantastic for their support in helping me stand out online.

Fantastic provides the business know-how, technical competence and imagination to create new ways of improving long-term business growth and maximizing the return on your investment. This is achieved by combining the team's expertise and deciding what the appropriate mix of mediums will deliver your message most effectively within the budget set. 

Fantastic Media believes that relationships are vital to producing a successful campaign and therefore by building an understanding and interacting with each and every client, is able to deliver not only an effective end product which meets original objectives, but also one that contains strong design and stands out from other marketing clutter. 


Taylormade Timber

Huge thank you to Doug and Family at Taylormade Timber for all their support, without their continued support i wouldnt be where i am today. 

Taylormade is a successful UK manufacturing company based in the North East of England. All of their raw material are home grown and all of their sales are within the UK. 

Over the past decade they have quadrupled their production capacity. They have achieved this by investing in modern automated sawmill equipment, whilst retaining the manual procedures necessary to provide an extensive range of bespoke timber products.



I'd like to thank C-BEAR and Team for all their support this season! 


Sharing a good thing, by a cyclist to fellow cyclists

Bart Schouten (founder of C-Bear), a passionate cyclist, was looking for quality bearings with

  • less friction (speed and performance)
  • reasonable life span (longevity)
  • affordable price (pricing)

After he found what met his standard, he decided to share a good thing with fellow cyclists who are looking for the same.

Just install and ride sans play, creaking or Loctite. Straight forward.


New Balance

'Our goal is to help you achieve yours'

Thank you for providing me with the best prodcuts on the market!